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A horoscope is like a special report that you get when you're born. It's created using your birth date, time, and where you were born. It's not something made up randomly; it's like a message from your past life. Your horoscope can't be changed, not even by Brahma, who made it. So, how do astrologers help us understand it? And what's the correct way to read a horoscope?

Horoscopes are like a special report that tells you about your past, what's happening now, and what might happen in the future. They can help you figure out problems, things that might get in your way, good chances, and everything you might experience in your life right now.

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A horoscope, also called a birth chart, can be known by various names like natal chart, kundli, and Janam kundali, depending on your language.

Regardless of the name, it's the basis of Vedic Astrology. It shows where the planets and nakshatras were when you were born.

Why Your Birth Chart Matters in Astrology?

What's the deal with horoscopes and why do people care about them? Well, a horoscope is like a report card for your past life and a preview of the good and bad stuff in your current one. It helps you learn from your past mistakes and make better choices now. Basically, it tells you why you're here and what you should do to reach your goals. So, in a nutshell, horoscopes help you understand your past, present, and future.

How to Understand a Birth Chart and Horoscope?

Predictive Astrology is a scientific way to understand how the positions of planets in the sky can affect a person. It looks at both the good and bad influences of planets and stars. When we read someone's horoscope, we study where the planets were when they were born, and try to understand how it might have an impact on their life. We also look at why some planets and their combinations can bring both good and bad things. We do a deep study to make predictions about their future.

There are 12 Zodiac Signs, and each person belongs to one of them. These signs are grouped into four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. In a horoscope, like the 12 Zodiac Signs, there are 12 'bhavas.' Reading a horoscope means figuring out how these three factors - Zodiac Signs, elements, and bhavas - relate to each other and affect a person's life. These twelve signs are sorted into four groups based on their special traits. These groups are Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

Exploring Astrology's 12 Houses: What They Mean and How They Influence You

The 1st house, called Lagna Bhava or Ascendant in the D-1 Chart, is associated with the person themselves, their body, head, and ego. It's all about how you express yourself, your personality, and your physical appearance. This house is influenced by the Sun.

The 2nd house, called Dhan Bhava, is linked to your money and wealth. It's influenced by the planet Jupiter, which signifies your financial situation connected to your job, how you talk and express yourself, your profession, how you make a living, and what you like.

The 3rd house, called the Brother House. Mars is linked to it and it stands for things like interest, strength, drive, brothers, intentions, determination, friends. It also symbolizes enthusiasm, quick decisions, hobbies, goals, and your energy for life.

The 4th house, called Sukha Bhava. In astrology, it's associated with the mind, emotions, and happiness. It also relates to things like education, owning property, buying land, getting recognized, and taking it easy.

The 5th house, called Putra Bhava, is all about intelligence, learning, creativity, and kids. It's connected to things like your past life, love, fun activities, taking chances, and spiritual stuff. Jupiter is the planet that has a special connection with this house.

The 6th house, called Shatru Bhava, is associated with Mars and Saturn. It relates to your ability to deal with health problems, your overall well-being, and your immune system. It also symbolizes your capacity to put in effort, face challenges, and conquer adversaries.

The 7th house, called Kalatra Bhava, is linked to Venus. This house is all about your lasting connections with people you care about, like your loved ones, business partners, and friends. It's basically about how well you get along and connect with others.

The 8th house, called Ayur Bhava, is linked to mysterious things. It's about hidden, deep aspects of life, how long we live, and even death. It's connected to slow changes and intense research. Saturn, the planet associated with it, adds a mystical touch to these matters.

The 9th house, called Bhagya Bhava or the luckiest house, is ruled by Jupiter. It's all about your life's purpose, your beliefs, and how you see the world. This house covers religion, ethics, and life's principles.

The 10th house, called Karma House. It's connected to your job, how well you do in your job, your talents, how people see you in public, politics, important roles, and your reputation. Two planets, Mercury and Jupiter, have a big influence on this house.

The 11th house, called Labha Bhava, is linked to Jupiter. It reveals how well someone can demonstrate their value and shine in society. This house influences dreams, achievements, money, possessions, friendships, and having more than enough.

The 12th house, called Vyaya Bhav, is linked to Saturn and Ketu. It's all about your thoughts, freedom, losses, spending energy and resources. It's like your inner thoughts, trips to other countries, and times when you feel sad or have problems.

Let's break down these 12 houses to understand how they affect someone's life.

The Quadrants ( Kendras) - Houses number 1, 4, 7, and 10 hold a lot of importance.

The successful ( panapharas) – Successful homes are found at numbers 2, 5, 8, and 11.

The Cadent houses ( apoklimas) – Here are the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th houses

The trines (Trikons) houses – Houses 1, 5, and 9 in astrology are really lucky and important. They can tell us a lot about a person's money, health, reputation, and how they fit into society. Astrologers need to pay extra attention to these houses when they're reading horoscopes. And the first house is super important because it's both special and lucky

The upachayas house – 3, 6, and 11 houses in astrology symbolize hard work, rivalry, and success.

The Trika houses – These houses, which we call Duhsthanas Houses, are numbered 6, 8, and 12. These houses show things like when you might have problems, sadness, owing money, or even someone passing away.

The Longevity houses ( Ayu-sthanas) – These houses are all about lasting a long time, like a person's life, and they can also symbolize the end of life. The third and eighth houses are in this group.

The maraka-sthanas or the killer houses – Houses 2 and 7 belong to this group.

What does it mean to read a horoscope or birth chart accurately?

How to correctly interpret a birth chart or horoscope: In my view, the right approach to understanding a horoscope is to connect the positions of planets with a person's past life. Astrologers should try to figure out how a person's actions in their previous life influenced the arrangement of planets in their birth chart.

Horoscopes have good and bad planet positions, but they don't automatically bring good or bad luck. People have their own choices, called free will, to do good or bad things in life. There's also a chance to use the movements of planets for help. Planets don't move much in our birth charts, but they move in the sky, which we call 'transits.'

An astrologer's job is to show people how to use these planet movements to reduce the bad effects and make the most of the good ones. Just finding the bad things in a horoscope and suggesting rituals isn't the right way. Instead, the right way is to help people make better choices in life, correct their actions, and get the most out of their horoscope. Contact us to solve your all problems related to astrology.